About InternetHealthManagement.com
InternetHealthManagement.com and its weekly newsletter will provide news, analysis and research on how the Internet and e-commerce technology are fundamentally changing the way consumers research, manage and pay for healthcare and on the significant role the Internet and data management play in how providers deliver care and how insurers, employers and government agencies manage and pay for healthcare.

Our Mission
InternetHealthManagement.com and its weekly newsletter cover the significant role the internet and data management play in how providers such as hospitals and doctors deliver care and how insurers, employers and government agencies manage and pay for healthcare.

InternetHealthManagement.com also covers the initiatives of the many merchants, consumer brand manufacturers and e-commerce technology and service providers that are targeting healthcare as a significant new business development opportunity.

The big market potential is leading organizations of all types to invest heavily. Total spending on digital healthcare and e-commerce tech­nology could top $32 billion annually within five years, according to investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. In comparison online retailers spend $6 billion on e-commerce technology annually, according to Forrester Research.

Many players in the U.S. health­care system—including payers, providers, employers and others—are developing self-service, commerce-enabled desktop and mobile internet communities and features and functions that enable consumers to perform a wide range of transactions.

These transactions range from consumers using private and public healthcare exchanges to research, compar­ison shop and purchase health insurance to patients using provider web sites and apps to schedule and complete office visits—virtual and otherwise, fill and refill prescriptions, research medical conditions and treatments and monitor health conditions. The same e-commerce technology and business processes that transformed how consumers shop, do their banking or take a trip is now rolling out across healthcare, says Love.

But e-commerce is new to healthcare and there remains a void of comprehensive and quality information that educates executive decision makers on the impact the internet and e-commerce is having on their organization. InternetHealthManagement.com will fill that void.

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