BayCare Health, a Clearwater health system operating 14 hospitals and hundreds of other provider locations throughout the Tampa Bay and central Florida regions, is rolling out a new mobile app that helps patients more quickly find a doctor and make an appointment online.

The app—HealthNav—available for both Google and Apple devices lets patients find the closest BayCare emergency room, make an appointment for an office visit, see a doctor through a virtual visit, reserve a visit at a nearby BayCare urgent care center and receive directions and contact information for their chosen provider location.

“Whether it’s a cold or a minor injury, most people have that moment where they wonder what to do next,” says BayCare director of clinical performance Dr. Eli Freilich. “HealthNav can provide guidance, information and links to care options based on someone’s non-urgent symptoms, right from a smart phone or tablet.”

The new BayCare app has new design features the make it easier for patients to use, Freilich says. For example the app features an outline of the human body. By clicking on the appropriate body area on the outline, a list that describes conditions appears and the most appropriate choice can be selected.

If an urgent care visit is indicated, the HealthNav can link a person to an online scheduling feature to book a visit at an urgent care center. For patients who would like to see a physician online, HealthNav can link them to BayCare Anywhere, BayCare’s non-emergency telemedicine service offering virtual doctor visits through a smart phone, tablet or computer. To find a physician, contact information to BayCare’s physician referral service  also is available online, Freilich says.

A search can also be filtered to look for specific criteria such as location.

“HealthNav combines symptom checking, mapping a location and scheduling so that someone can get more information on a possible condition and make a decision about the next step,” he says. This multiple functionality can help streamline the process of getting the right care at the right time at the right place,” he says.

The new health app is the latest digital healthcare upgrade for BayCare. The health system also has extensive telemedicine program that includes eCare, an electronic patient monitoring system that uses remote computer monitoring technology to enhance the care of critically ill patients in the hospital and BayCare Anywhere, a non-emergency telemedicine service offering virtual doctor visits through a secure, interactive video and audio communications on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Baycare also offers online monitoring of patients in nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities and for some home care.

The health system employs 5,400 physicians and records 592,487 emergency room visits annually.