A big U.S. drug maker along with a Nordic venture capital firm are sinking $9 million into a Swedish digital healthcare firm that aims to better measure body composition so as to more precisely predict health outcomes and expedite clinical trials.

Pfizer Venture Investments, the investment arm of  Pfizer Inc., and Nordic VC Novo Seeds, a part of Novo Nordisk Foundation in Stockholm, are investing in AMRA, a developer of AMRA Profiler, which translates data from a rapid, 6-minute whole body MRI scan into precise fat and muscle measurements.

The digital healthcare technology features advanced metabolic research that can help in predicting and preventing diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, oncology, sarcopenia, cachexia, muscle disorders and others, the company says. Because the technology has the capability to better measure body measurements and composition, Pfizer believes AMRA can expedite clinical trials, says Pfizer Venture Investments executive director Bill Burkoth.

“Pfizer Venture Investments invests in emerging companies developing technologies that can enhance Pfizer’s pipeline,” Burkoth says. “AMRA’s disruptive technology offers a personalized medicine approach to identify those at-risk of poor metabolic health outcomes.”

AMRA’s technology is moving away from body mass index and towards more precise individual body composition profiles, says Nordic VC Novo Seeds managing director Soren Mølle. “The body composition profiles offers markedly improved patient stratification, saving time and money for companies by identifying individuals with equivalent body composition,” Mølle says. “The high precision technology supports the early detection of treatment efficacy, making it ideal for clinical trials.”

AMRA says it will use the money to expand international research and business development efforts including to U.S.