Telemedicine provider SnapMD Inc. will use $3.2 million in new funding to add new features to its platform, expand its sales force and direct marketing programs, and leverage its relationships with other technology providers to reach new customers. The new round of funding brings SnapMD’s total capital raised to $9.1 million.

The latest enhancements to SnapMD’s platform are patient management tools that enable administrators and non-clinical staff to view patient profiles and see the number of patients waiting in the que, and the nature of their appointment to better manage patient traffic. In addition, administrators can send text messages for patients and e-mail notifications to multiple healthcare providers about a patient’s status.

SnapMD is also planning to develop new features based on application programming interfaces to health application provider Athenahealth Inc.’s to increase the appeal of its platform to Athenahealth customers. Athenahealth is making SnapMD’s telehealth platform available through its marketplace, which offers third-party healthcare applications integrated to its electronic health records, practice management, care coordination, practice management, patient communications and analytics applications for medical practices, hospitals and healthcare systems.

“We want to continue to offer the best user experience possible,” says Dave Skibinski, president and CEO of SnapMD.

Physicians can use SnapMD’s platform to conduct video consultations with patients, conduct follow-up visits and connect to patients in remote locations.

In addition to enhancing its platform, SnapMD also plans to form a clinical product advisory board that will work with the product development team to ensure product integrity in a clinical setting and expand its management advisory board.

Health care providers using SnapMD’s web-based telehealth platform can make the technology available to patients under their own brand. Los Angeles-based SnapMD declines to reveal the number of health providers using its platform or the cost.